Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free ez-Link card

As you know nowadays ezlink card cost $5/piece.
But currently Nets has some promo where you can purchase the card for $12 ($5 card cost; $7 usage). During this promo, Nets will top up $5 back to the card. As such, the card is free.

You can checkout the Nets card here:
You can buy it at 7-11, Interchange, MRT, etc.
But they do have some limitation in the top-up during this, which I believed, interim period until all kiosk is upgraded/updated.

Anyway, this promo is useful for me as my family/friends coming to SG from Malaysia, where I need to borrow them the ezlink card.
Now I can just buy & use up all the $12. And when they are in town, I do need to buy extra ezLink card which cost S$5 per card.

Note: The $3 minimum sum to board MRT still applies. Click here to find out more.

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