Thursday, May 31, 2012

Better World Books

You can buy cheap used books in BetterWorldBooks especially during their sale period. It has a worldwide free delivery and the company mission is really interesting.
Do you know there's a price difference in US and non-US? The price difference can be about 50%!
However, in order to see a US price, you need to be in US. One workaround is to use US proxy (not tested) or US VPN (tested).

Based on the price, I have tested US VPN from It's the cheapest I can find; even cheaper than US proxy. It cost USD$1.99 for 1 week (I just need 1 day only).
Once registered, you can go to the BetterWorldBooks again and check out the price. The listed price should be halved.

And better yet, check out their monthly sale on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Click here for the countdown.... Every month is different.
On May 2012, I got 4 books for only USD$10 ($3 for each additional book). That is only $2.50 per book!
Note: This monthly sale is only applicable in US.

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